The State League Convention took place in Ashland from May 17-19. Delegates from the League of Women Voters of Corvallis were Charlyn Ellis, Laura Lahm Evenson, Claudia Keith, Paula Krane, and Shelly Murphy.

Delegates adopted two new studies:
Cybersecurity and Privacy Today
Pesticides and other biocides in Oregon
More information about these studies and an opportunity to participate will be forthcoming.

Two resolutions were passed:

LWVOR Climate Emergency Resolution

Be it resolved that we as delegates of Oregon local Leagues assembled at the 2019 LWVOR Convention call upon the LWVOR Board, Action Committee and local Leagues to advocate for consideration of “Climate Emergency Declarations” for the state
and all county and local municipalities (governments).

LWVOR Health Care Resolution

Be it resolved, as delegates assembled at the 2019 LWVOR Convention, we call upon the LWVOR Board to advocate strongly and to support legislation so that Oregon can explore and advance universal health care coverage options for all Oregonians.



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