Savor autumn’s bounty with an amazing assortment of tasty treats at local restaurants during “Local Eats Week”
More than a dozen local restaurants will offer sample plates or appetizers for under $10 featuring Local 6 ingredients. Local 6 products are grown, produced or processed by farms or businesses owned and operated within the six counties touching and including Benton County (Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, and Polk).
Choose a restaurant for each day of Local Eats Week and put it on your calendar. To see the complete list of restaurants and daily updates on Local Eats Week offerings, visit

In addition to enjoying delicious local food, customers have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to one of these Local 6 restaurants by posting a photo of the sample plate they ordered on the Local Eats Week 2016 Facebook event page and then tagging the restaurant. One drawing entry per post. Visit multiple restaurants and post again and again to increase your chances of winning!

As a customer, you’ll delight in the wide array of colorful, flavorful local food available during Local Eats Week. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the fall harvest, support locally-owned businesses, and try some new and delicious food – all in one fell swoop!

Local Eats Week is a feature of the Local 6 Connection, a campaign that encourages local restaurants to source more of their ingredients from the Local 6 area. The broader goal is to increase the percentage of locally-produced food that is consumed by the community in order to create a vibrant and secure local food system.
Local Eats Week is sponsored by Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s Food Action Team.



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