At its Annual Meeting on May 22nd, Jessica McDonald was elected President for a two-year term. Connie Bozarth will also be joining the Board as 2nd Vice President. All others were Board members elected for another term. Below is the new Board of Directors as of June 2019. The President may APPOINT up to 6 additional Directors at the Board retreat in July.

Term: 2019-2021
President – Jessica McDonald
1st Vice President– Annette Mills

Co-Secretaries – Ann Brodie and Nancy Rosenberger

Directors –
Karyle Butcher
Camille Freitag
Cathy Frischmann

 Term: 2019-2020
2nd Vice President– Connie Bozarth

Nominating Committee – 
Laura Lahm Evenson,
Marolyn Tarrant
Mary Youmans

Continuing Board members with terms ending in 2020
Treasurer– Sara Ingle
Directors –
Briar Bullock
Marsha Feldman
Claudia Keith



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