League Administrative Job Openings: Bulletin Editor, Membership Record Keeper, Facebook Administrator

Ideal jobs for people who are tech savvy, have limited time to spend on League, and like to work on their own schedule.

Bulletin Editor: Collects copy from Board members, formats the monthly bulletin and sends it to the printer. Contact President Laura Lahm Evenson for more information: evensonlahm@gmail.com.

Membership Record Keeper: Keeps the the LWVUS membership database up to date, produces up-to-date membership lists, and prepares reminders to send to members when it is time to pay dues. This is an ideal job for someone that has only limited time and who wants a job that can be done on his or her own time. Text Membership Chair Briar Bullock 541-409-3348 if interested.

Facebook Administrator: Posts Events and other League information from local, state and national League sources.  Contact President Laura Lahm Evenson for more information: evensonlwhm@gmail.com.