Background on Special Funds

The League of Women Voters of Corvallis (LWVC) holds unrestricted memorial funds in honor of long-time members Kay Dick (’93) and Grace Phinney (’95). In addition, LWVC has invested surplus funds in these accounts which are held in money market funds, CDs and mutual funds in the name of the League of Women Voters of Corvallis. At the annual meeting of the LWVC in May, 2008 members approved guidelines and specific criteria for expenditures from these accounts

Application Process

Applications requesting special funds must be submitted 60 days prior to an event or release of funds. Applications are submitted to the LWVC President who forwards them to the Review Committee. Proposals must answer all the questions on the LWVC Special Fund Grant Application form and meet the approved expenditure guidelines and criteria below. Maximum grant is $2500. The identified Project Chair must be a LWVC member. Availability of grants will be announced in the LWVC Newsletter and at LWVC general and committee meetings.

Special Fund Expenditure Guidelines

LWVC special funds will be expended on projects, programs and services that are consistent with the League’s primary missions of education and advocacy,are related to local issues,take advantage of LWVC’s unique capabilities, andstrengthen LWVC.

Specific criteria and policies for spending funds on special programs, project and services are:

Funds will only be expenses for LWVC. Although other groups cannot be funded, we encourage partnerships with other entities in implementing projects. Such partner organizations generally should be non-partisan and based in Benton County with a mission related to our programs and/or positions.

Activities must be consistent with our mission of education and advocacy and motivate current and new members to participate.

Contact us HERE to submit an idea for consideration!